Tracking School

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 Our tracking school is an in depth, one day event consisting of two parts. The first portion is in a classroom setting. There is a power point presentation covering the following topics

  • Reasons for tracking
  • Clothing
  • Gear
  • Track analysis
  • Tracking tips and technique

     The second portion will be held in the field where we will analyze actual tracks and practice tracking. We are at the mercy of the weather conditions and deer who don't always follow the script so come with the attitude that we will make the best out of whatever conditions we encounter.

     It will be a long day so plan accordingly. Be sure to dress to be out in the weather. Be prepared for going into the woods by bringing a compass and GPS.  Knee high rubber boots are suggested as we may encounter water. Bring something to drink and snacks as we will not break for lunch.  




     Todd, Can't thank you enough for spending the day with us today! Your wealth of knowledge coupled with your unselfish approach to sharing made for an incredible day looking for and studying tracks even if the snow was powdery making reading the tracks for us difficult at times. I really can't even begin to share the insight Todd gave us today on tracking as there was so much we talked about and covered. I am still trying to sort much of it out as it is an entirely different approach to hunt whitetails. The best thing I can say to anyone interested in tracking (or already tracking) is to get a hold of Todd and set up a day to attend a tracking class. This was the first time ever having met Todd and up until two weeks ago I had never even heard his name and yet a simple introduction (from Todd and Coco) and a hand shake and the conversation started and it was as if we had known one another for years, he's that easy to talk to. The passion Todd has for tracking was evident by the fact that for 6 hours he never stopped talking and teaching us about whitetails and whitetail tracking. Todd, I hope you enjoyed all of our questions and naivety as much as we did your expertise. I wish deer hunting opened tomorrow! I can't wait until next hunting season, snow and tracking. It's gonna be a long off season but one that will afford me the time to get out and practice tracking as well as reading and watching tracking materials.                                                                              -Chad Agamaite-


     Last week I took the opportunity to spend a day with Todd. He presented a detailed PowerPoint on tracking big bucks and then we headed out to search for buck tracks in the nearby public land. Todd has a vast knowledge of tracking deer and his passion for the sport is contagious. I’d recommend anyone serious about deer hunting take the same opportunity.

He and I agree that tracking is adventurous and proactive while stand hunting keeps us sitting around wondering. Only recently did come to understand that one can be more successful as a skilled tracking than by hunting stands. My hope is that more Wisconsin hunters will take up tracking so we can share our adventurous stories.                                                     -Charles Mark-



     Thanks Todd Havel for helping us add another tool to our north woods tactics. I recommend spending time with Todd if your interested in tracking style of hunting!                                 - Dan Ostrowski -