About Us

Todd ventured north to take on the big woods over 20 years ago. He tasted success on his very first hunt! His arrow connected on the thick horned brute pictured below and a love for the north woods was born. Admittedly, that kill was more luck than skill and the long slow process of understanding these big woods brutes had begun. 

Eventually, Todd took up the art of snow tracking. He hoped that by following  these elusive, dark horned monarchs he could solve the mysteries of their secretive lives. After many years of tracking these bucks in multiple states he has come to understand the daily habits of these ghosts. He has honed his tactics to take advantage of his knowledge on the snow or bare ground. 


No fancy gear, no gimmick products, just knowledge, a weapon, and a sandwich in his pocket. Now he is willing to teach others what he has learned. Are you ready? Do you have room on your wall for a trophy or 3?

Much of the info is given free of charge thru podcasts, instructional on line videos, live feed tutorials  and tactical discussions on Facebook. Eventually we will have detailed dvd's and books for sale on this site. 

We will offer other gear and logo products in our store as they become available. Your purchases will help us financially to expand and bring even more content to you. 

And last but not least, we are now offering a Tracking School to teach you in person. Contact us for more details. 

Join our facebook group - Misty River Trackers Base Camp. This is a very interactive group including tactic and gear discussions, live on-line tutorials, and hunt updates.